Xero Speed Force Racing Flat Men's Blue


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Speed Force - Running and Fitness Shoe

Be ready to set new personal bests (in speed and comfort), with our lightest, most minimalist, closest-to-barefoot performance shoe.

The comic book character The Flash gets his super speed from the Speed Force. We think this shoe will do the same for you.

While we made Speed Force to be a racing shoe, people are wearing it for MUCH more. Some take it on trails (watch where you put your feet given the feedback you?ll get from the 4.5mm FeelTrue© rubber sole), and others simply wear it all day, every day, because of the sock-like comfort.

Here?s what you?ll love when you slip on your Speed Force:
LIGHTWEIGHT ? Men?s 9 is only 5.8 ounces
GRIPPY ? The tread pattern in the FeelTrue© rubber sole feels super sure-footed
?BARE-LY THERE? ? the mesh upper with its silky smooth lining gives you a real barefoot-feeling

The other reasons you?ll love the Speed Force are thanks to its Xero Shoes DNA:
A wide toe box ? lets your toes spread, splay and move naturally
Low-to-the-ground design for balance and agility
Non-elevated, ?zero-drop? heel for proper posture
The flexible sole lets your feet bend and move the way they?re supposed to, naturally
Removable 2mm insole lets you choose the amount of barefoot feel you want
100% vegan-friendly ? no animal products are used in the Speed Force
5,000 mile sole warranty


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