Cute Circle Leather Crossbody Bag Womens

Design: Unique Leather Circle Bag Round Purse Crossbody Shoulder  Bags
In Stock:  3-5 Days to Process Orders 
Include: A Bag
Material: Italian Cowhide
Measures7.5 inch (19cm×5cm ×19cm)
Weight:  0.68kg
Shipping:  $19 The Post For 7-14 Days Delivered
Slots: 1 main slot, 1 inner slot, 1 inner slot
Style: Leather Circle Bag
Each item will have very slight variances to the pictured bag, and the consequence is that you can assure that each one is unique.
 The actual color of the item may be slightly different from the picture which is only a representation of the item’s style. The monitor used can significantly darken or change the displayed picture of the item, and there may also be some slight differences due to hand-dying process.

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