MukiShoes - Cloud Leather


Ships From: WA
Shipping Estimate: 2-8 days

The unbeatable Mukishoes sneaker is now available in white, chrome free leather. They are soft and flexible in all directions and we just know they will be one of the most comfortable shoes you ever wore. Stay connected with a sole that has fantastic ground feel and lets your feet and the terrain determine the shape. Mukishoes are made with natural materials & under fair conditions in Portugal. 

upper: chrome free leather (white)
inner lining: organic cotton (white)
laces: cotton (white)
sole: natural rubber (3.5mm thick)

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dirt is best scrubbed off dry and spots can be treated locally. We recommend a gentle hand wash. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. We recommend treating the leather and stitches around the sole with a waterproofing spray (Tip: use a spray without fluorocarbons) or a natural wax to maintain the leather smooth and to increase longevity.

Each shoe is handcrafted with natural materials and ecologically dyed, slight differences in colours and finishing are possible.

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